Ger Bridge LLC

Interior, Exterior Design and Construction

GerBridge LLC highly qualified architectural, interior design, carpentry and decoration and varnishing experts team introduces best possible solution. We have advantages of promising high quality as well as professional expertise in meeting our customers’ needs, wishes and ideas. The little details have the greatest effect – it is a game of shapes, colours, light, various materials selection and engineering solutions that we play with our clients. Our services include:

  • 3D drawings
  • Design Solution
  • Engineering drawings
  • Exterior and Interior construction
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Construction material trading and services

GerBridge LLC supplies construction materials from Germany, Chinese Republic, Japan, USA, Russian Federation and Poland based on our customers’ interest. We also run main and auxiliary construction materials trading business. GerBridge LLC has also been operating as an official distributer of German PARADOR brand in the past 4 years. We have been supplying a variety of products of floors, walls and ceilings that are premium quality and luxury concepts therefore we have been identified with its premium quality and reputation of products and services supplied to Mongolia’s market.

  • Construction materials trading and services
  • Décor materials trading and services
  • German PARADOR brand floors, walls and ceilings trading and services

Furniture manufacturing and trading

As we offer complex solution of interior & exterior design, our master craftsmen together with our engineering team work closely to create a best possible solution of exquisiteness that emphasizes the client’s details of requirements and interests using the materials of wood, stone, metal structure, and leather as well as handmade and the state-of-art technology.

  • Ger Inspired/national character inspired furniture manufacturing
  • Modern or modern style inspired furniture manufacturing
Our Projects